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Thanks to the manual expertise of our master bakers and a comprehensive distribution network, we supply cafés and ice-cream parlours all over Europe every day.

Our story

The making of a speciality

In 1997, two bakers passionate about their work decided to take a chance on a dream and opened their own bakery, putting heart and soul into what they loved doing the most: artisanal Sicilian pastry-making.

Those two bakers are Lucio Pappalardo and his mother, the heart and the brains behind SP&F, a small artisanal pastry-making business based in the Aci Catena area, in the province of Catania. A couple that soon became a trio, thanks to the entry into the company of Sabrina, wife of Lucio and the backbone of Siculabrioche.

Their first orders?

Making artisanal brioches for local street vendors and ice-cream parlours. After several years of success, they decided to make the big leap and expand their business beyond Sicily.


It may be a small step from local to national, but it's also hard work.

The first goal was to find a packaging method that could keep the shelf-life of each individual brioche intact, without them deteriorating on the way.

An issue that was brilliantly solved with the invention of special stay-fresh capsules. It was a game-changing stroke of genius.

Now not only was more manpower needed, but also more space.From the old Aci Catena bakery of barely 300m2 they moved to the new site of over 1000m2 in the nearby Aci Platani area, the birthplace of the brand-new Siculabrioche, a brand that now encompasses all the delicious specialities baked daily by SP&F.

There are certain special places that will always have a place in our hearts. For us, that place is our factory. An intimate space in which every action takes on a unique importance and sweetness.

Our factory

Home sweet home

Ours is no ordinary factory. For the last 20 years it has been home to the Siculabrioche ‘family’. A huge artisanal pastry-making space, where every day around 700kg of raw materials are processed and turned into over a million and a half exquisite, fragrant brioches, packaged and shipped every year throughout Italy, Europe, America and Australia.

Our factory in numbers


of space in our new Aci Platani factory.


of raw materials processed daily.


exquisite brioches made and shipped every day.

Brioche “co' Tuppu”

Tasty by tradition

Our journey through history, a story rich in flavors that has its main theme in craftsmanship and respect for raw materials.

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