Cous cous fest


The couscous fest is the gastronomic event of San Vito lo Capo held in the month of September.


Every year the Cous Cous Fest brings together the age-old traditions of different peoples at the table. A sort of lock pick to open the knowledge of a people, of a culture. During the days of the Festival, San Vito Lo Capo becomes a real gastronomic laboratory.
In the splendid setting of the Sicilian town, couscous returns to being the synthesis of integration and cultural contamination: a celebration made of flavours, gastronomic challenges, music, shows and lots of fun.
The summer nightlife of San Vito lo Capo ends happily with the couscous festival, a gastronomic event that takes place every year in the month of September. The event is a real cooking competition, in which chefs from all over the Mediterranean (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine etc…) compete for the prize of the best couscous; this is a reason to attract curious tourists and gastronomic enthusiasts from all over the world.
Cous cous is a dish made of hand-cooked semolina (finely processed and reduced to very small grains) and a condiment that can be made of fish (according to Trapani tradition), meat or vegetables.
The festival lasts six days, including tastings of dishes from the most diverse culinary traditions and wines, cooking workshops and artisan markets, concerts and shows. On those days the main streets of the city are full of stands and stalls, and during the weekend the town is literally taken by storm.