Gelo di cannella (4 people)


Cinnamon ice is a traditional Sicilian dessert, both summer and winter.
800 g of water
5 cinnamon sticks
65 g of starch
250g of sugar
Boil the water with the broken cinnamon for 15 minutes. Leave to infuse overnight. The next day, filter the infusion, weigh 800g of it and dissolve the sugar and starch (for the latter, use a sieve, so as not to form lumps). Pour into a thick-bottomed saucepan and place over medium heat. As soon as it thickens, lower the heat and cook the cream for another 1 minute.
Pour it into a single mold (or into mini aluminum or silicone molds) and let it cool. Put it in the fridge for a few hours. When serving, turn out the ice cream and decorate it with liquid honey and chopped pistachios or alternatively with a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Traditionally it is served with chopped pistachios, you can replace it with hazelnuts or almond flakes.