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Treat your customers with authentic Sicilian brioches

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Always ready, always fresh, deliciously indulgent

Everybody loves ice-cream, and everybody enjoys brioche, but the two are rarely served together, one inside the other. Filling the classic brioche “co' tuppu” with delicious artisan ice-cream is actually a Sicilian custom.

The unique quality of these traditional sweet treats will tempt anyone while offering a great return in terms of image and sales.

An authentic Made in Sicily taste experience that will make your business even sweeter.

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    Why choose it

    Like it’s fresh
    out of the oven

    Our Brioche “co' Tuppu” is contained in single-product controlled atmosphere packaging, meaning it stays as ready and as fragrant as if it were freshly baked, for over two months.

    Full consumption,
    no waste

    Thanks to our single-serve protective capsule, you can store as many products as you need, unwrapping them one at a time, without fear of the others deteriorating.

    The Siculabrioche

    Like all our products, the Brioche “co' Tuppu” is the result of dedicated artisan work, that will allow you to offer only tasty, wholesome, genuine products.

    The Sicilian flavour
    that makes the difference

    Highly popular with Sicilians and tourists alike, our brioche means you will be able to offer everyone a moment of exquisite indulgence, different from that of any of your competitors.