Ice cream and children: what drives the choice?


ice cream-and-children-what-guides-the-choice
Certainly adults are aware that ice cream for children can be part of a varied and balanced diet thanks to its nutritional properties. But what do children choose based on?

“It is true that we eat with our eyes, nose and mouth: but, while in adulthood the three sensory channels are balanced, defining our preference for a food in synergy, in the child the visual perception of a food has a decisive impact. For the little ones, in fact, it is above all the color and shape that attract them and of the two, color is the most incisive factor, because it anticipates the taste of the food and makes them imagine the flavor it will have” explains Dr. Ssa Katia Vignoli, psychotherapist and journalist.
The “color” factor plays a dominant role, even with respect to shape. If it is true that the shape can make the difference between ice creams of the same colour, either because it is “convenient” to eat, or because it recreates subjects familiar to the child (fruits, animals, characters, objects with which he usually plays, etc.), it is proven that if combined with colors that he doesn’t like, it loses attractiveness in his eyes.
It should be underlined that choosing which color to “eat” is not an aesthetic operation for the child: in fact, for him each color anticipates and conveys the corresponding taste. Which colours-flavours are most popular among children? Doctor Vignoli explains it to us:
Does your child love THE YELLOW-ORANGE predominant in the very fresh PIRULO PINEAPPLE, LEMON and SPARKLY?
It is the color of the sun and summer fruits, of brilliance and joy. His symbolism refers to free affectivity, to the relaxation of a relationship based on play and without coercion. Characteristics that, combined with the taste, portend a sense of freshness that nourishes without weighing it down.
When it comes to food, can’t you resist BROWN, the color of PIRULO COOL-COLA?
This colour, little loved by children for anything other than food, is redeemable in the food sector. Chocolate is brown but also the classic baked dessert, the biscuit, the bread. In fact, the symbolism recognizes brown as the color of the domestic hearth and the fulfillment of primary needs. And so is the taste anticipated by brown: it satisfies, satisfies and holds no bad surprises.

His favorite color is undoubtedly BLUE, which also characterizes the new SMARTIES POP-UP?
In all its variations it is the color of calm, of the sea and of the sky. The ideal background to bring out the clouds during the day and the stars and moon at night. Precisely because it generates tranquility and calms the soul, blue corresponds to the sweet taste. And one of his most beautiful nuances, “sugar paper”, confirms it: because once upon a time the paper that contained the sweet food par excellence was of that very colour.
Don’t have a favorite color but love and are attracted to everything that is a MIX OF COLORS such as PIRULO TROPICAL?
The mix is by definition the symbol of the party: from the village fair to the Carnival confetti to the Christmas tree baubles. It is the variegated color of summer fruit salads and rainbows, of decorations on birthday cakes and sweets. A bit of everything, for all tastes and there is something for everyone: this is the essence of taste conveyed by the mix of colors that no child can resist!
We must not forget the pass par tout colours:
WHITE: it is the color of milk, the first food eaten and as such the matrix of the pure food par excellence, safe, healthy, nutritious. The taste expected from white is neutral, tending towards sweet, without peaks of intensity and for this very reason it is an excellent mediator of the different flavors with which it is normally combined. It is the basis of all tasty ice cream creams such as Smarties Pop-up.
RED: in all its shades it expresses the strength to assert itself, the impulse, the vitality, the desire, the competition. Forest fruits, cherries, strawberries are red; the forbidden apple is red. The taste promised by red is inviting, decisive, full. It is an irresistible color and when it is together with the others, as in Pirulo Tropical it is certainly the one that attracts the most attention.