Kindergarten children master pastry chefs for a day with Siculabrioche


Master pastry chefs for a day with the aim of trying to replicate the unmistakable brioscia co’ tuppu. A unique experience was experienced by 15 young pupils – aged 3 to 5 years – from the nursery school of the Francesco Guglielmino comprehensive institute – Turi D’Agostino complex in Aci Catena, in the province of Catania. Hosting them in the Acireale factory is the Siculabrioche company, a leading company in Italy and Europe in the production and sale of Sicilian brioches. The children, accompanied by two teachers and a class representative, were equipped with aprons and chef’s hats and were able to safely undertake a journey that revealed to them all the production phases: from the dough to the brushing, through the leavening and cooking. Amazed eyes and a lot of curiosity even during the last phase: that of packaging in a protected atmosphere inside special capsules.

A path that also passes through the hands of the workers who manually work every single brioche for a production that reaches 15 thousand pieces produced and shipped every day. The visit to the company, however, did not end there. The students also faced a second phase of the tour with a sort of replica of what they saw in the factory. Thus they transformed into small pastry chefs dealing with dough to work and shape, all under the supervision of the owner Lucio Pappalardo. The morning ended with the inevitable tasting of traditional freshly baked croissants, served with homemade ice cream, and with the delivery of some freebies.