Brioche “Brioscia co tuppo” recipe


250 g Manitoba flour
250 g 00 flour
75 g Sugar
75 g Butter or lard (the original recipe is made with lard)
10 g Salt
8 g Brewer’s yeast (even better with sourdough)
175 g cold whole milk
1 teaspoon Honey
2 eggs
1 teaspoon Orange, zest
In a bowl we put the flour, the honey, and the brewer’s yeast (even better with mother yeast) which we have dissolved with a part of the milk, we begin to work the dough by adding the eggs one at a time. We knead all the ingredients with a blender for at least 30 minutes, adding little by little the cold milk and the salt that we have dissolved in a small part of the milk, at this point we start adding the cold butter (or lard) and proceed at low speed, until the dough will come away from the walls, turn the dough over often, detach it from the hook and start again. The dough must be very elastic, it will be ready when, pulling a little dough between your fingers, a veil forms without tearing. Then we put the dough on leaven covered at around 28° and let the dough triple its initial volume. At the end we turn the dough upside down on the floured work table, leave it at room temperature for an hour without working it, then roll it up slightly and portion the dough into homogeneous pallets and inserting a smaller ball (tuppo) on the top. Leave to rise again (inside the oven with the light on, in any case at a maximum temperature of 28°) until the brioches “briosce” have doubled in size, then brush with an egg yolk and bake at 190° for about 25 minutes.

Excellent with granita, ice cream but also with Nutella and cream…

The brioche “briosce” with ice cream is now a pleasant habit, as well as being a valid alternative to the cone.
It goes without saying that the site where you can purchase the ready-made product is: